It’s about that feeling you get when you jump on a bike and ride away. It’s about that little coffee shop you discover. It’s about the people you meet, the stories they tell and where they have traveled. It’s about pushing it a little further, up and over the hill, off the beaten track, to the edges of cities, and neighborhoods. To where the wild things are, and flowers grow between the cracks. You will find yourself in a whole new world, after which the world you come back to is forever changed. It’s about traveling in your own city, and feeling at home in a city that is new to you. It’s about being honest and free, making art, telling stories, and tasting some (real) great food, drinks, and coffee on the way. I guess it’s just about life and love. It’s a two-wheeled affair.


RIDE WITH ME shares fresh, beautifully designed, and locally inspired city biking content: Online through RWM website/blog, social media, and offline as RWM routes/maps/books and bike tours. Artworks, illustrations, and pictures from RWM can be purchased as high-quality art prints and posters. RWM content is independently researched, self-published, and can be customized for local businesses.


Hello! My name is Roos (Dutch for Rose). Here I am trying to talk over the sound of a bus, making a video for Ride with me NYC. This is what I love most, to ride my bike and discover new places, meeting people from all walks of life: Traveling and writing stories, making pictures, drawings, and thinking. Thinking goes well on a bike too. Talking, at least in NYC, can be a challenge…


I am from Haarlem (Yes, after which Harlem in New York was named) originally. After having lived in Barcelona, San Francisco, and New York, and traveled extensively to different cities and continents, I am now based in Amsterdam, where I live with my boyfriend Jurjen and our two children Maris (3) and Vina (1). My academic background is in Psychology (I got an MA at the University of Amsterdam) and Art Therapy (MA at New York University on  Fulbright Scholarship). And I also did one year of Art School (at the Rietveld Academy), but mostly I learned from writing and drawing in my diaries (have about 60) and making artworks (on paper, with pen, and collage, but also pastel, and gouache paint).


The goal of RIDE WITH ME is to create content that is really an experience, which makes people happy and improves the quality of urban life. Here I will share stories, videos, pictures, random musings, and artworks about biking in cities all over the world.