Ride with me Granny!

RWM Blog #1 – note to self.

I will write with my grandmother, ‘oma’, in mind, whom I was very fond of, and who died in 2007 (this is an artwork I made as a memory).


Oma was strong and curious, a beautiful old lady, sharp and always open to learn and listen. She was from a different time, modest, sober, with good manners. She loved her routines, she walked in the woods or dunes every morning, drank her coffee, her tea, smoked her cigarettes (at 83 she switched from Chesterfield to Barclays because the owner of her smoke shop told her that was a ‘healthier’ option), and ate muesli for breakfast. Of course, being a real Dutch lady, she biked until she was very very old.


My grandmother was an armchair traveler. She loved to read and watch others explore the world. I think in a different time and life, she may have wanted that too, but now she was too old, and perhaps a little afraid.


Oma never met my children, Maris (3) and Vina (1), as they were born later. And she never got to see Ride with me NYC, my first book, about biking around New York City. But I like to think she would have enjoyed browsing through it, and would have vicariously lived the experience.


Oma passed away before the explosion of Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr. Before the city biking revolution, and the economic crisis. Lots of stuff to tell – and she only wants to hear the real stuff! The rest doesn’t matter anymore, I guess, when you are that old. Superfluous stuff, about whom thinks what, and about who is hot, and who is not. She doesn’t care. She just wants to hear about the essence, the real deal. She wants to see and read pure emotions, honest stories, no beating around the bush.


Ok oma! Here we go!