Ride with me Berlin

For me, Berlin came after I came back from New York. It had never really attracted me, unlike my Amsterdam friends who studied history. They were the early adaptors. But I have a very dear friend called Lulu, whom I met in San Francisco in 1999! And after an ended relationship, in 2006, I felt like I needed to get out and go some place new. And so I decided to visit Lulu in Berlin for a weekend. It was Winter, if I remember it well, and this suited Berlin beautifully. Lulu lived in Prenzlauer Berg, in a very Berlin apartment, neat, well designed, bright and minimal, yet very cosy. She showed me around and I loved it right from the start, and was exactly what I needed. Free, creative, with lots of space, places in development, in transit, hot and happening – without the attitude. I understand why artists and musicians are flocking here, and am looking forward to be back in the near future – and work on Ride with me Berlin. Soon I will also be back with some Berlin biking inspiration from friends.