Real life biking

RWM Blog #2


Ok, I am having a rocking start here. Yesterday I wrote about my granny – today I shall write about the every day life in Amsterdam. Often it is beautiful and fun, yes, and sometimes it’s rough. You know, it’s life! This morning, after a restless and tiring night – with my boyfriend having a fever, my daughter Vina (1) not wanting to sleep, and my son Maris (3) who kept walking out of his room and jumping on top of me in the middle of the night – I finally had ‘the whole circus on the road’ (this may be a Dutch expression). Being in a hurry with little kids is just a contradiction in terminis (oxymoron) I know, but it is a trap I still fall into sometimes. But we are on the move! I feel the fresh Autumn air on my face, and the muscles in my legs when I peddle hard. We are late for daycare. I ask Maris, who is just learning to shift gears for me, if he can shift to 5 as I am gaining momentum. Instead he shifts to 1 and my legs make a swoosh without resistance. Ahhhhhh! Maris!!! Pay attention. He laughs, and puts it in 5. At a traffic light, almost entering the Westerpark, I notice a smart looking guy on a bike next to me. But he apparently only has eyes for my daughter, who is in the backseat, flirting along. Oh well. We get to daycare, and after I have dropped Maris in his group and Vina in hers, I close the door and step outside, feeling a bit shaken. By now it is raining hard. I need a coffee! Luckily, our daycare is right in the middle of the Westergasfabriek terrain in Amsterdam, and next to a wonderful coffee shop called the Espresso Fabriek. ‘A Flat White please’, and I sit down by the window, looking at my bike in the rain. The words ‘Beast of Independence’ pop into my mind.  African music is playing.


My coffee arrives and I am in heaven. This will be a perfect spot to write my blog, and tell stories about life on a bike, and way beyond. Because this is what I love most: To explore and collect stories, make pictures, take notes, discover new stuff, and meet people from all walks of life. I will share my favorite routes, biking tips, and local stops on the way. Adding pictures, illustrations, artworks, and stories. Inviting friends, and friends of friends all over the world, to share theirs. Next post I will tell about my last trip to New York, and what all is happening over there.


Hasta luego!