MY LIFE ON A BIKE roosart show

Last month I held an exposition in my studio in Amsterdam, MY LIFE ON A BIKE. A selection of photographs and artworks that I made when I lived – and biked – in San Francisco, New York City, and Amsterdam. I love the bike not as an object in itself, but as a vehicle to get to far out places of beauty. A symbol for pioneering, freedom and exploration. Here’s a little recap of the evening:



RidewithmeNYC1euur-300x211The art show I created together with Rémi Bouwer, whom I share this studio space with, and who also has been involved from the start with Ride with me as a graphic designer (see picture of us in 2008 when Rémi first visited NYC). We had fun mixing and matching the artworks and telling a new story in the process. And invited a befriended wine expert Arjan Hassing to create a special menu.





It was a great opening night. In case you missed it, below you find a selection of pictures of the photographs and artworks + prints that are still for sale. And there’s more on my FB page. If you are interested, please send me an email at or contact me via Facebook.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Bike Thoughts 50 x 70 cm gouache, collage, ink

Original: 1100,- euro [SOLD]

Piezography Print: 125,- [Edition: 75]


Williamsburg Bridge

14 x 20 cm (framed, other sizes possible)

Price: 375,- euro [Edition: 1]


ACE Hotel, NYC

20 x 30 cm (framed, other sizes possible)

Price: 300,- euro [Edition: 25]


Bike Portrait Tribeca

20 x 30 cm

Price: 300,-  euro [Edition: 25]


Pompon, Amsterdam

20 x 30 cm

Price: 300,-  euro [Edition: 25]


Que Sera Sera

57 x 75 cm

Price: 1100,- Piezography Print: 150,- [Edition: 10]


Red Hook, Brooklyn

50 x 72 cm

Price piezography print: 900,- euro (800,- excl. frame) [Edition: 5]


Stenen Hoofd, Amsterdam

50 x 72 cm

Price piezography print: 900,- euro (800,- excl. frame) [Edition: 5]