Amsterdam students on wheels
When I was a student in Amsterdam and I was looking for a job, I stumbled upon an ad in the newspaper for a babysitting gig in De Jordaan (a lovely neighborhood that was close to mine). It was for Elisabeth (then 6, now 24) and Titus (then 3, now 21). They were really fun (and still are), as were their parents, who also became good friends. Now Lies and Ties are both students (Lies is a Psychology major and Read More
MY LIFE ON A BIKE roosart show Last month I held an exposition in my studio in Amsterdam, MY LIFE ON A BIKE. A selection of photographs and artworks that I made when I lived – and biked – in San Francisco, New York City, and Amsterdam. I love the bike not as an object in itself, but as a vehicle to get to far out places of beauty. A symbol for pioneering, freedom and exploration. Here's a little recap Read More
New York, New York
RWM Blog #3   ‘New York, New York!’ I wrote in my diary. ‘It’s 4 am and I just rode really hard on my bike along the Hudson River.’ This is over 10 years ago. But I still remember the feeling of freedom when I got my Panasonic blue racing bike. The smell of the river on a hot summer night, the constant buzz and flickering lights of the city – slightly sticky from the biking and high on the Read More
Ride with me Granny!
RWM Blog #1 – note to self. I will write with my grandmother, ‘oma’, in mind, whom I was very fond of, and who died in 2007 (this is an artwork I made as a memory).   Oma was strong and curious, a beautiful old lady, sharp and always open to learn and listen. She was from a different time, modest, sober, with good manners. She loved her routines, she walked in the woods or dunes every morning, drank her Read More
Ride with me Berlin
For me, Berlin came after I came back from New York. It had never really attracted me, unlike my Amsterdam friends who studied history. They were the early adaptors. But I have a very dear friend called Lulu, whom I met in San Francisco in 1999! And after an ended relationship, in 2006, I felt like I needed to get out and go some place new. And so I decided to visit Lulu in Berlin for a weekend. It was Winter, Read More
Ride with me Barcelona
When I was 18, I lived for one year in Barcelona to learn Spanish (this is me on top of Tibidabo). This was my first experience living by myself and abroad. I absolutely loved it, and lived the experience to the max. At some point I got a bike, and started riding around. I vividly remember biking down to the market - the Boqueria - early in the morning from Gracia, the neighborhood where I lived, and buying one kilo Read More
Real life biking
RWM Blog #2   Ok, I am having a rocking start here. Yesterday I wrote about my granny - today I shall write about the every day life in Amsterdam. Often it is beautiful and fun, yes, and sometimes it's rough. You know, it's life! This morning, after a restless and tiring night - with my boyfriend having a fever, my daughter Vina (1) not wanting to sleep, and my son Maris (3) who kept walking out of his room Read More